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Firefighters FireDrake Industries, LLC is a company built by firefighters for firefighters. We build tools for first responders that will protect firefighters, save civilian lives and allow our firefighters to work more efficiently and safely. FireDrake products are addressing the most important of all fire related losses: the loss of our
Brothers and Sisters in the line of duty.

According to officials of oil refineries, chemical plants and other hazardous facilities, safety is paramount - yet in an emergency these occupations are more dangerous than ever. Short-staffing, unmanned areas, maintenance issues in these facilities, and regulations that permit civil litigation are all nightmares for Incident Commanders. Sending firefighters in where the potential for BLEVE's, toxic materials exposure or other dangers is just too risky for everyone involved.

With the introduction of the Mobile Monitor™ a BLEVE, flashover, or HAZMAT accident no longer has to be a life-taking, catastrophic event. By utilizing this durable industrial firefighting tool the risk for the Incident Commanders, their employers and employees has been greatly decreased and lives that would be previously lost are now saved by this replaceable piece of equipment.

Although this is not a machine that can ever take the place of firefighters, it is a very important tool in the arsenal. This unit can be used to combat the fire while the strike-team is coordinated and a strategy for the best possible outcome is achieved. This unique firefighting tool will reduce the cost of fire by applying fire retardant gel or cooling water to exposed structural faces before serious damage can occur. The Mobile Monitor also injects time into the Golden Hour by effectively and safely placing a halt to an advancing fire situation, allowing firefighters to tend to the critical tasks of removing the injured and transporting them to safety while the fire or other HazMat is kept at bay.

Mobile Monitor
SolidWorks Engineering Model - Beta Unit
FireDrake's Mobile Monitor not only saves lives and property, it addresses the catastrophic environmental impact that are caused by letting industrial fires burn themselves out. Previously, when it was too dangerous to get close, firefighters could do nothing but "let it burn". The Mobile Monitor now gives firefighters a 1600 foot safety zone and allows attack at the base of the fire instead of dousing it ineffectively from the top of a ladder truck.

FireDrake is an American company dedicated to creating and keeping jobs in America. We use American made parts, materials, and vendors whenever possible. FireDrake engineers utilize advanced materials and technology from various industries to ensure intuitive controls as well as ease of maintenance for all of our products.

All of our products are reviewed, tested and approved by a panel of experienced firefighters before production because we know that when it comes to saving lives, who better to evaluate our work than the firefighters themselves.

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